A Mini Autobiography

I grew up with the arts; painting and playing the violin. My grandparents were both artists,  a jewelry designer and an oil painter and sculptor. I remember standing at an easel dressed in an over-sized smock and painting next to  “Nonna”.  Another fond memory is of one of my sisters and I working on our family newspaper, Julianne was the writer and I drew the pictures. 

50/50 by Julianne Palumbo

After I graduated from Boston College with a BA in studio art and studied at Rhode Island School of Design, I worked as a paste up/layout artist and illustrator for a local newspaper. While raising my three children, I painted murals and hand painted home décor pieces for many New England homes.  I created a line of Domino bracelets with my original drawings.  Recently, I have designed websites and e-newsletters.

©2017 garden domino bracelet by Guilford CT artist Giana Cusanelli
Domino Bracelet

My work is comprised of relaxed and colorful, acrylic landscapes and floral paintings. Pen and ink drawings are reproduced on note cards and prints.

 Giana L Cusanelli CV


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